Save Your Muscles – Stop Running!


Since the 80’s America has had an obsession with low intensity running, also known as “jogging”. But is this form of exercise really healthy? If we take a long hard look at the physiques of most avid runners, who usually have the skinny-fat or emaciated look down, we come to question the real health benefits to running. And there may be good reason to put the running shoes away.

Recently, the American Research Society published an article citing several studies that have shown that excessive cardiovascular activity does indeed lead to muscles loss. “Muscle mass is the major source of caloric usage for the human body” stated Tommy Belt, a personal trainer in The Woodlands Texas. “The more muscle mass the body has on it, the more calories you burn while at rest. So it’s counter-productive to exercise so much, regardless of the type of exercise, that you begin using your muscle tissue as fuel”. Continue reading

MMA Workout Tips

MMA Workout Tips

You could be an MMA pro preparing for a fight in the octagon. Or…you just want to look like one.

Whatever the case, don’t worry. The popularity of mixed martial arts in recent years hasn’t gone unnoticed. I mean, take fighters, Georges St. Pierre and Gina Carano—the former having fought with Captain America himself and the latter played a hitman-for-hire opposite Channing Tatum. Continue reading

3 Life Lessons From CrossFit

Teacher CrossFit

To the uninitiated, a CrossFit box may look like a medieval dungeon filled with all kinds of torture device. To a CrossFit practitioner, the box is indeed a medieval dungeon filled with all kinds of torture device.

That said, as CrossFit practitioner I need the occasional reminder on why I go to the box, why I sweat it out (and put up) with brutal WODs, why I fight through the pain after a workout, why I chose to change my life.

If you’re feeling like you’re losing your motivation, here are some of the lessons I’ve learned doing CrossFit that, I hope, could help you hang in there. Continue reading

CrossFit 101: Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk

When someone tells you that the reason they do CrossFit is because of the girls, it’s not exactly the strong and beautiful women in the gym they are talking about.

So before you pack your CrossFit gear and head to the gym to see the girls, take a few moments to learn how to talk the talk, to make it easier for you to walk the walk. Continue reading

Are You Cut Out to Be a Personal Trainer?

If you’re enthusiastic about working out as well as helping other people achieve their fitness goals, contemplate being a personal trainer. It Is among the quickest growing professions, as well as for great reason: personal trainers have flexible hours, they get to do the things they love, and they inspire folks to be at their greatest. This article discusses the ins and outs of the profession, the qualifications needed for being a fitness trainer, and the steps you will need to take to excel in the profession. Continue reading